Key Tips For Event Planning

While the recession may be viewed negatively, now is also the perfect time to branch out on your own if you have the entrepreneurial spirit. Many major companies were started during recessions. Whether you are currently employed but are not getting any fulfillment from your job or you are unemployed, whatever your situation, event planning careers are a growing sector and this is the perfect career choice for the right individual.

Event Planning Careers

This industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with enormous growth potential which also makes this one of the best home based businesses if you are interested in being able to work from home while also being there for your family. Event planning careers can allow the right individual to be able to match or exceed their previous income and being your own boss is another of the positives.

This industry has enormous growth potential because people, corporations, etc, need events planned every year recession or no recession, which makes this a wonderful opportunity. You can specialize with certain event planning jobs such as corporate events, weddings, kids birthday parties, baby showers, etc, or you can perform various events.

With event planning careers, you cannot go wrong if you have a good reputation in the industry which will allow you to enjoy the lucrative financial rewards in addition to being able to enjoy what you do in this exciting field.

Event Planning – Keys To Success

1. You need to be able to strategically evaluate things. To keep from being overwhelmed with an event, you need to be able to break things down to small tasks until you accomplish everything you need to get done. One thing to remember with successful event planning is that nothing ever goes according to plan but a plan is still necessary but you need to be able to adapt when things go wrong without getting overwhelmed and giving up.

Remember that your reputation is on the line and you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and to satisfy the client and the attendees. Good word of mouth is the difference between success and failure with event planning careers. Have a backup plan if things don’t work out the way they are supposed to and have a backup to your backup pla! For instance, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, weather can change even the best plans so you need to have a contingency plan if rain occurs on the wedding day that will still ensure a successful wedding despite a change being made to accommodate the weather.

2. When you are planning an event, think on a large and small scale. How do you want people to respond to the event you are organizing? Do you want the attendees to socialize or network, have fun, purchase items, donate, get educated about something, etc? With the goal in mind, you can determine how best to execute the event from the decorations, food, drinks, music to the overall theme. What is your intention with the event? Once you answer this question, you can then get down to the details of planning the event.

3. With event planning careers, a successful event planner has to think of the big items and well as small details. It’s usually the small details that can derail an event and not the big stuff. Don’t think that no one will notice that the flowers look a little wilted, the restrooms do not have enough paper towels, etc. If mishaps or accidents occur as they usually do with most events, you need to remain calm and provide a solution.

4. Some of the most important factors about an event are food and entertainment as well as the overall look of the venue. You need to make sure that the food is good. Bad food will leave people talking. The entertainment will need to set the mood so plan accordingly as there are many entertainment options to choose from. When using music, make sure that it is very appropriate for the event and the attendees. Consider the decorations and how someone else may view them. Do they elevate the venue or do they look cheap and tacky?

5. If it is a fundraising event or an event featuring items for sale, you need to set the atmosphere so that it is conducive to money changing hands. Items to consider include ensuring that the lighting is soft, that the music level is not too loud so that announcements can be easily heard over the music, etc.

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